Aqua Platinum is a combination of pure Fiji Islands Artesian Mineral water and a Platinum nano-colloid solution. An exceptional blend of natures purest and smoothest water with the innovative anti-aging health properties of pure Platinum.


In recent years, the awareness of anti-aging and lifestyle related diseases has greatly increased, as a result much research has gone into developing supplements to combat signs of ageing. Platinum Nano-colloid has been found to posses natural properties giving it superb anti-oxidative potency. A entirely safe solution which contains extra-atomised Platinum to a 20 ug/L nanometre scale (meaning particles are very very small!)


Research is now suggesting that Platinum used in the treatment of cancers can have a positive effect. Platinum may well be effective in killing disease causing bacteria, fungus, viruses and can help boost and promote a healthy immune system.

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Pure Fiji Islands Mineral Water Combined with Nano Platinum

Promoting good health, skin and well-being.

Calcium           33

Magnesium    16

Silica                61


Platinum Nanocolliod - 20 ug/L

Water Source: Nausori Highlands Rd, Mulomulo, Nadi, Viti Levu, Fiji Islands..

PH                                    8

Bicarbonate                   160

Total Dissolved Solids  250

Frezco Beverages Ltd.

PO Box 9303, Nadi Airport, Fiji Islands.

n Skin & ageing
n Back pain
n Cancer
n Chronic fatigue
n Gland dysfunction
n Neuralgia
n Poor Concentration

Platinum Helps Combat:

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